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Alpha Quarry Products Ltd produce a wide range of high quality ready mixed concrete (RMC) using our own grit stone aggregates which comply with BS EN 12620 standards providing our customers with high grade but competitively priced concrete conforming to BSI standard BS EN 206-1.

Alpha Quarry Products Ltd can deliver quantities as little as 0.3m3 or up to 600m3 daily with our fleet of ready mixed concrete lorries servicing local farmers and builders who make up a large proportion of our business.

All external concrete exposed to the freeze thaw cycle should be air entrained

Winter warning.

In comparison to some other concrete suppliers Alpha have experienced very little frost damage to our ready mix concrete supplied over the winter period.

We believe the main reasons are:

  • Our concrete is produced to EN 206-1 meaning amongst many things that our cement contents and 28 days strengths are higher than some of the competition. Typically our 35n concrete at 28 days will achieve over 40n. Sample results are readily available upon request.
  • Most of our slumped concrete contains a percentage of crushed rock fines. This product speeds the initial setting time and minimizes bleed helping the surface to retain its integrity.
  • Using top quality aggregates, mainly gritstone minimising the chance of pop outs.
  • Using top quality WRAs, helping to reduce the water content needed to achieve workability.

Below is some information that may help you when considering the durability of concrete and minimising the potential for frost damage.

Frost proofer as its called is often used by us upon request but is actually an accelerator and not anti- freeze and is only effective during the initial curing period giving no long term protection. The theory being that by accelerating the initial setting time the concrete generates its own heat and cures before the frost gets its way, although a heavy and persistent frost may overcome these benefits.

Unlike frost proofer air-entrainer does give long term protection against frost damage. Air entrained concrete contains billions of microscopic air cells per cubic metre. These air pockets relieve internal pressure on the concrete by providing tiny chambers for water to expand into when it freezes.

Air entrained concrete is not as effective when power floated as this process can burst the air cells but is perfect for tampered areas.

Air entrained concrete considerably increases the durability of the surface which is exposed to the freeze thaw cycle and other damaging salts.

Unfortunately Air entrained concrete needs a higher cement content to compensate for the air cells causing some added expense.

Unfortunately Air entrained concrete gives no protection against frost during the initial setting time.

Alpha Quarry Products Ltd is able to provide a range of concrete mixes suitable for most applications. Concrete mixes include:

  • Nominal
  • Normal Strength
  • Prescribed
  • Designated

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