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Eco-Liquid Screed (Hemihydrate)

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The benefits of using liquid screed over traditional sand and cement screed are numerous, particularly when it is laid over underfloor heating systems. The material used with the underfloor heating system is a vital component in the efficiency of the heating system. Eco liquid screed fully encapsulates the under floor heating pipes, which then dramatically increases thermal efficiency.
Eco liquid screed can be laid at 50mm on top of insulation, giving approximately 25mm cover on the underfloor heating pipes allowing the underfloor heating to warm the room faster because not only is Eco liquid screed the efficient transfer medium, but there is less material to heat or the heat to transfer through.Eco liquid screed makes your floor more like a radiator than a slab of concrete.
Eco liquid screed is not cement based, but is designed around calcium sulphate. (hemihydrate binder).Calcium sulphate based screed which is pre-mixed significantly reduces laying times due to speed and ease of application by pump.
Eco liquid screed does not require buffing or after care and is not re-active to water after fully cured.
Once laid the screed can carry light traffic after 24 hours, enabling tradesmen to proceed with the next fix. Curing naturally the floors can take up to 6 weeks to reach a moisture level suitable for tiling. Forced drying can reduce curing time to less than 14 days

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