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Alpha Quarry Products Ltd produce high quality building and plastering mortar that complies with BS EN 126 20 meaning our customers can proceed with their contract without site mixers and associated materials cutting out waste and improving quality.

Building and Plastering Mortar - General Advice


Trowel ready building and plastering mortar complies with BS EN 998-1 Standards. Sampling and testing are carried out on a regular basis, internally by Alpha Quarry Products Ltd and a qualified external contractor, ensuring only the highest quality mortar.

Site mixed mortar for residential dwellings.
Designated 2 mortar is recommended for below DPC crushing at 4.5n
Designated 3 mortar is recommended for above DPC crushing at 2.5n

Using on Site

As our mortar is ready to use, nothing should be added on site. The mortar should be kept covered in the tub when it is not being used to reduce evaporation, contamination by site dust and to prevent rain from diluting the mix. The mortar should not be remixed with water on site after it has started to set. It is not recommended to use mortar in temperatures below 3oc. Saturated blocks or brick should not be used with mortar. The mortar tubs should be cleaned prior to filling.

Mortar Setting Time

Alpha mortar contains a retarder to prevent setting in the mortar tub for up to 36 hours. When the mortar is built into the wall, setting takes place as the moisture is drawn into the block or brick and by surface drying.
Good building practice should be followed, taking into consideration the speed of moisture loss into the brick or block and into the air, so that normal setting has a chance to take place before the wall is built too high. Freshly built walls should be protected from rain.

Reduced Efflorescence

The air entraining agent improves the plasticity of the mortar, eliminating the need for lime. This reduces the possibility of efflorescence on the finished wall.

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