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Brief Summary

Alpha Quarry Products Ltd evolved from C E Stevenson & Sons established in 1948 by Cyril Edward Stevenson.

In the following years his sons joined with their father in a working partnership that was to last over 40 years. Upon Cyril and Edward's retirement in 2004 the business continued under the Management and ownership of Ronnie and Paul Stevenson. A further restructuring took place in March 2013 with Alpha Quarry Products Ltd being formed under the Management of Paul and his wife  Jeanette. This second generation business, with  in many instances 2nd generation employees continues to grow from strength to strength, with thousands of loyal customers and a dedicated work force who together have enabled Alpha Quarry Products Ltd to process thousands of orders monthly in both quarry and concrete products.


My Father Cyril Edward Stevenson is alive and well and to this day takes a keen interest in my part of the family business. I am the youngest of the sons mentioned and joined the family business with my father in 1972.

Click here to read the history as told by the founder, Cyril Edward Stevenson who is still alive and well at the time of this publication and takes an active interest in any new developments.

Paul Stevenson
Managing Director

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